Research and Development of Polymer Materials

Through the R&D and innovation of materials and process technology,
the products have unlimited possibilities


Modified new materials



The following unique excellent properties create outstanding PTR materials

  • High transparency, low shrinkage
  • Superior fatigue resistance
  • High strength
  • Strong stress-cracking resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance


Mold structure of polarizing functional lens

The optical polymer material is polymerized and modified to make it more functional and more environmental friendly. Qiliang uses the newly developed materials to make high-quality optical lenses,which has more than 90% transparency, excellent mechanical properties, strong stress-cracking and damage resistance.

Production process

With the vertical integration capability of the entire glasses manufacturing industry chain, we have opened an amazing door for customers in the field of high-quality glasses and optical lenses.

  • Lens Production
  • Part Processing
  • Welding / Assembly
  • Polish
  • Electroplating / Painting
  • QC
  • Packing