Sustainable Development

Let us work together to build a zero emission, zero waste and equal future.

Qiliang is committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations sustainable development goals through its products and solutions, as well as strategic partnerships and social development activities.

Low-carbon, better life

R&D Innovation

Innovation and replacement is our eternal pursuit.

Innovation brings infinite possibilities and makes the world no longer limited. Qiliang innovates and replaces the original traditional production technology to improve the efficiency and quality of glasses production. We determine to become the pioneer of the optometry industry, build an advanced optometry technology brand and promote the continuous development of glasses industry in China.

Visual Health

We protect the window of the soul.

Countless people around the world suffer from eye health problems every year. Qiliang is carefully designed to integrate functionality and comfort to reduce eye fatigue. At the same time, we are committed to improving people's awareness of eye health care needs, eliminating people's prejudice against glasses, integrating eye care into daily life, and bringing eye health to as many people as possible.

Pursue Quality

Improve the quality to the height of taste

High quality is the cornerstone of an enterprise. After long-term development, Qiliang has formed a complete quality management system, which can guarantee product quality to the greatest extent. Taste is a higher level of quality, and improving quality to the height of taste is the current and future development goal of Qiliang.

Environmental Protection

Actively take responsibility for protecting the earth

We focus on the future of sustainable development. Every step of our development and the investments we make are focused on reducing our impact on the environment and protecting the natural resources.We develop a culture centered on health, safety and environmental protection, and reduce carbon emissions in the production process.